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Spanish, English media keep trying to make James Rodriguez to Chelsea happen

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Much like the Diego Costa stories that rumbled on for several months before, finally, the approximately 36th denial by Chelsea, Conte, or Costa himself did the trick and put the rumors to bed (until the next transfer window at least), the James Rodriguez rumors are proving to be unkillable ... certainly while the summer window is still open.

Whether Silent James has a future at Real Madrid shouldn't really be our concern, but for some unfathomable reason, Chelsea have become the chosen patsy for all this nonsense.  Maybe that's because the likes of Manchester United, City, Juventus, and PSG have already spent big on impact players.  Or maybe it's because at first, the James rumors dovetailed nicely with a potential Fabregas exit (and/or swap deal).  Whatever the reason, it's Chelsea who are being repeatedly linked by the Spanish (and, in turn, the English) media with the 25-year-old Colombian superstar.

In spite of these efforts, even they seem to be recognizing the ridiculousness of these stories.  Consider AS's latest report, which claims that player and club are fully committed to each other in the same breath as they raise the notion of a €70m (LOL!) bid from Chelsea.  There's even a version of this where Chelsea would take James on loan (nice one, Mirror) as if we're not already full-up at attacking midfielder (even after Cuadrado finally makes his move to Juventus).

It can be dangerous to outright dismiss reports from actual newspapers as utter nonsense -- strange things can happen in the final few days of Silly Season -- but this one sure sounds like random noise from the SETI project than any sort of WOW! signal.

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