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Chelsea could hold the key in Arsenal's pursuit of Alexandre Lacazette

Matej Divizna/Getty Images

The Premier League season may have started, but Silly Season is still going strong as well.  Chelsea, for example, are still looking for some defensive reinforcements while lining up a few more loan moves for youngsters and fringe players, while other teams will no doubt look to stay active and relevant as they attempt some last minute fixes for the season ahead.

Arsenal, fresh off of a poor loss to Liverpool on opening day, might be more active than most as they look to appease the once again mobilizing Wenger-out crowd.  Olympique Lyonnais's Alexandre Lacazette has been a rumored target for them for quite some time, though the Ligue 1 side have stood firm so far and the striker himself hasn't really been agitating for a move.  But he did drop a hint over the weekend, saying that if an offer too good to refuse arrived, then ... well, it'd be too good to refuse.

However, as we've seen many times before, clubs are more reluctant to sell at the end of a transfer window, as they don't want to leave themselves shorthanded at the start of a new season.  Lyon would thus be much more likely to accept Arsenal's bid if they had a replacement for Lacazette lined up.  And this is where Chelsea come in.

According to the Daily Mail, Lyon have identified Loïc Rémy as that replacement and have contacted Chelsea about a potential move for the 29-year-old.  There's no word on how Chelsea may have responded, but considering that Rémy is apparently wanted by "several" Premier League clubs as well, and accepting an offer from, say, Crystal Palace instead could leave Arsenal standing all alone at the Lacazette altar, the choice is pretty clear.

Loïc Rémy could have more impact with his next loan move than with his play all last season.  You're welcome, Alan Pardew.

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