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Chelsea one of few clubs able to meet Real Madrid's record-setting asking price on Alvaro Morata

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Real have put a €75m price-tag on Morata, which I think is a little bit too much for certain clubs,Normally, when a club sets an outrageous asking price for one of their players, it's basically a polite way of saying "he's not for sale, please go away".  Think €100m for Thibaut Courtois.  Or £100m for each of Eden Hazard's legs.  Or €75m for Alvaro Morata.

Wait, that last one's apparently more of a Kickstarter campaign for Real Madrid as they look to fund their own deal for Paul Pogba from Juventus.  As to why Chelsea wouldn't just use those exact same funds to boost our own designs on Pogba The Dream is a question best left unasked lest we go a little mad.

Here's Sky Sports "Spanish Football Expert AND Columnist" Guillem Balague to sum up the situation.

"Morata will return to training with Real Madrid, that is the only fact in this story."

"Morata has asked Real Madrid for his wages to reflect those he got at Juventus and Real and doubting whether that is the best option."

"Real are willing to spend around €100m (£85.1m) to bring Pogba to the club but they need to get that money from somewhere, meaning they are open to the possibility of selling Morata."

"Real have put a €75m price-tag on Morata, which I think is a little bit too much for certain clubs. What's clear, however, is both Chelsea and Arsenal are interested in the player."

"This is another transfer that will go in the 'we will have to wait and see' pile as it depends on many factors. If he has to leave, Morata would like to go to the Premier League."

-Guillem Balague; source: Sky

The only thing that's clear, I'd argue, is that all these rumors would want us to believe that after spending €40m on Batshuayi, we'd spend almost twice as much on Alvaro Morata.  We've made some bad transfer decisions in recent years, but surely, not even Chelsea would consider such madness.  Even if Diego Costa were to leave, even in these inflated transfer market times, €75m for Morata, the most ever spend on an out-and-out center forward, is a price well beyond natural order.

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