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Carlos Tevez confirms Chelsea, Napoli interest

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Here's one completely out of the blue for you: Carlos Tevez will not be joining Chelsea!

Now, you might think this was just him denying some completely baseless question from some journalist looking for a juicy quote or two for a headline, but Tevez himself confirmed interest from Chelsea (and Napoli), so one would have to assume we at least sounded him out on the possibility.


"I'm fine at Boca. Indeed my idea, my dream is to finish my career as a player in this wonderful club."

"Europe? Yes, it's true Napoli and Chelsea seek me, but I repeat what I said before. My desire is to stay at Boca until I retire."

-Carlos Tevez; source: Corriere dello Sport via Sky

Tevez and Conte of course have a connection from back in their Juve days.  And if there is a forward who embodies the ideal combination of tenacity, hard-work, and skill, it's Tevez.  Or at least he was that ideal combination.  He's now 32 and enjoying his time back in the club that gave him his professional start, scoring goals and winning titles (Boca Juniors won the domestic Double last season).  Tevez would've been a wonderful signing not too long ago — if for nothing else than he always seemed to score against Chelsea — but that ship has long sailed.

Next rumor please!

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