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AC Milan 'set to allow' goalkeeper to join Chelsea and replace Asmir Begović — report

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Asmir Begović is a frequent guest behind the media's microphones, always speaking well of his experience and future at Chelsea, but if rumors are to be believed, he's actually angling towards a move away from the backup role at Chelsea and into a strating position at Everton.

Chelsea are of course in no hurry to sanction this sale, even if the rumor does prove to be true; our setup at the moment is quite luxurious, with two starting-calibre goalkeepers backing up each other and ready to be called upon wen needed.

However, according to rumors from Italy on Sunday, Chelsea are very close to signing AC Milan's Diego Lopez, which would then allow Begović to leave.

Gazzetta's report claims that Chelsea met with Lopez's agent last week to finalize the deal.  The 34-year-old was backup to the teenager Donnarumma last season and unlike (supposedly) Begović, is probably okay with continuing that role at Chelsea.