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Mourinho transfer target tells Conte he wants reunion with former boss at Manchester United — report

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Nemanja Matic is apparently interested in continuing his professional relationship with the man who once oversaw possibly the worst moment of the Serbian midfielder's career, when he was yanked off the pitch after just 27 minutes as a substitute against Southampton.  But never mind that blip; Matic is keen reciprocating Mourinho's supposed interest.

Chelsea star Nemanja Matic has told new boss Antonio Conte he wants to join Manchester United.

-source: The Sun


Granted, it's just The Sun, so you know, pinch of salt or seven, but the story does fit into the greater emerging landscape in which Nemanja Matić may not have a future with Chelsea and would rather follow his old boss up north.

Until now, all rumors along these lines had come from Mourinho and his new club's perspective.  This is the first time we're hearing of what Matić might want.

If he wants a reunion and Manchester United are willing to part with a healthy chunk of change, I suppose this might actually happen.  But we probably have a ways to go before we have to concern ourselves with that possibility.