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Nainggolan: 'An offer from Chelsea is a big deal and you have take into consideration'

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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The "Radja Nainggolan to Chelsea" rumours have been ongoing since February, and it doesn't look like they will ever stop. There's been plenty of repetition, plenty of denials from Roma, plenty of rejected advances, but also plenty of cryptic words from Nainggolan himself, who's repeatedly declared that his intention is to stay at his current club and the country he's been living at for 11 years, but has never ruled out a transfer.

Here he is, playing that game again.

"I've always stated what I want. I'm happy at Roma and that is where I see myself. On the other hand, an offer from Chelsea is a big deal and you have to take into consideration. I've said what I want, now let's see what the club have to say."

-Radja Nainggolan; source: Gazzetta World

It's a win-win scenario for the Belgian midfielder, putting all the pressure on the club as far as his transfer's concerned.  If he stays, he will have stayed because he just loves the club so much; if he goes, he will have gone because the club cashed in.

Smart moves, Radja. Smart moves.