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Roma president James Pallotta dashes Chelsea transfer hopes twice over

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Back and forth we go.  One day the last thing Radja Nainggolan wants to do is leave AS Roma.  Another day he drops hints that if the right circumstances popped up, he would possibly consider it.  In a way, that's not much to get excited about, but given how long this thing has dragged on already, it's a decent foothold for Chelsea's hopes.

Unfortunately, one thing that hasn't changed is the tune of the Roma leadership, all of whom have consistently denied any intentions to sell any of their players, including, much to our chagrin, Nainggolan and Antonio Rüdiger (who supposedly was going to be the first Roma player to arrive at Chelsea this summer).  Only in the case of Miralem Pjanic would they consider an alternative, and that's only because his contract includes a buyout clause.

"Nainggolan isn't going anywhere. Pjanic is staying but if someone pays the clause, we can't do anything about it. Our Primavera did a great job, I do not want sell Rudiger, I like our team."

-James Pallotta; source: Gianluca Di Marzio


Better step up those negotiations, I suppose.