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First player to leave AS Roma this summer will sign with Chelsea before end of June — report

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Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

A journalist for Sky Sport Italia has claimed on Twitter that not only will AS Roma sell recently signed center back Antonio Rüdiger, but that they will sell him to Chelsea and that the deal will be complete by the end of the month.  (As the first of five signings for Conte?)

Interesting phrasing with the whole "first player to leave" the Italian club.  Are more expected?  Nainggolan (to Chelsea)?  Pjanic (to Juventus or Bayern)?  Surely, Roma wouldn't be so silly as to sell all their good players?   One of the earlier rumors did claim that they will have to sell one prized asset to maintain FFP compliance — is Rüdiger a big enough asset?  Recent reports claimed that Chelsea would be willing to pay in the region of £20m (or €30m) for the 23-year-old German international who spent the year on loan at Roma before they picked up his bargain of a buy-option this week.

Meanwhile, when asked about these rumors, the young man certainly didn't rule anything out, but didn't confirm anything either.

"I know nothing about my future right now. At the moment I am only focusing on the European Championship with Germany."

-Antonio Rüdiger; source: Sportitalia vs. talkSport

As it often is the case with players involved in these sorts of things, transfer decisions either get made before the start of the first game (or even training camp) or after a team is eliminated, but not during the actual tournament.  So we wait.