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Álvaro Morata just wants to feel important, wherever he ends up playing

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Perisic: "Don't mind me, just doing a dental check-up"
Perisic: "Don't mind me, just doing a dental check-up"
David Ramos/Getty Images

On several occasions, Spanish striker and Real Madrid cantera product Álvaro Morata has expressed his desire to return to his childhood club and prove his worth. He got his wish fulfilled last week, with the Spanish giants announcing his return to the team on a €30 million buy-back clause from his two-year spell at Juventus.

But given that Premier League clubs still have offers left on the table for his services, Morata might not have the chance to settle at Madrid just yet, especially if they're not willing to make him feel important enough.  (Now where have we heard that one before?)

"I want a team that makes me feel important and I would be ready to stay in Madrid to win my place. I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I am a player of Real Madrid and they will decide if they want me, otherwise we will find another solution."

-Álvaro Morata; Source: Cuatro via Evening Standard

The 23-year-old had his fair share of success in Italy, scoring important goals in both domestic and continental competitions and winning a few titles in the process, although his overall goalscoring record isn't all that impressive for a striker with a €60 million price tag.

Nevertheless, it would prove too difficult for any striker to break into Real Madrid's attacking core - even if they show to be as confident as Morata.  He'd probably have much less trouble doing the same at Chelsea or Arsenal.

Morata will have a chance to impress incoming Chelsea coach Antonio Conte when Spain face off against Italy in the Round of 16... starting right now!