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Agent: Álvaro Morata's future far from decided despite Real Madrid move

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Real Madrid exercised their buy-back option on Juventus striker Álvaro Morata earlier this week, setting in motion a chain of events that have done anything but clarify his future.  Normally, such a transfer would bring stability and a clear direction.  But this situation isn't quite normal.

"He still has offers from top clubs in the Premier League."

"We'll see, we have to talk to [Real Madrid head coach] Zidane. But for the moment Morata is happy. Whether he'll stay or not, you have to ask Real Madrid."

"But as things stand he's a Madrid player from 1 July."

-Juanma López, Morata's agent; source: AS

Morata's chief concern apparently is having to be Benzema's understudy once again, though at what top club he could find himself as undisputed first-choice striker is perhaps a mystery.  Maybe at Chelsea if Diego Costa leaves?  Perhaps at  Manchester United?

Real Madrid's official statement about the buy-back included a line about Morata joining up with Real in pre-season.  Will he join up just to get the proverbial boot (or just an unsatisfactory answer) from Zidane?  Morata's agent is certainly preparing for that possibility.

A potential selling price for Morata has been rumored to be in the €60-80m range, which is ridiculous and outrageous, but there's a good chance it's going to be a ridiculous and outrageous summer of buying and selling in the Premier League thanks to the ridiculous and outrageous TV moneys flowing in.  With Lukaku suddenly reconsidering his desires to leave Everton and Diego Costa staying quiet as Spanish rumors continue to push for a move back to Atlético, Morata could possibly end up being our best option.  As ridiculous and outrageous as that may end up being.