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Long-time Chelsea goalkeeping coach on the verge of exiting the club - report

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

According to the Telegraph, Chelsea goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon, who joined the Blues in November 2007 from Rennes, is on the verge of departing from the club.  This comes after recent rumors of discord between Lollichon and Thibaut Courtois, as well as incoming head coach Antonio Conte's preference for his own men.

The coach most likely coming in to replace Lollichon is Gianluca Spinelli, who's been the goalkeeping coach for the Italian national team since Conte took charge in 2014. The Telegraph reports that Chelsea have already made contact with Spinelli even though he's still in the Euros, and want to strike a deal before the players return to pre-season activities on July 11.  Before working in the national setup, Spinelli spent almost a decade at Genoa, which included a season of coaching Marco Amelia.

Lollichon might be offered a different, unspecified role to keep him at the club, but most expect him to leave and perhaps follow Petr Cech once again, just as he did from Rennes to Chelsea.  This was was rumoured last summer but never quite came to fruition.

It's unfortunate that the long-time coach, whose innovative and unusual coaching methods have caught the eye on several occasions, couldn't make things work with Courtois, but perhaps a clean break is the best for all involved.