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Excited by a new project, Romelu Lukaku changes his mind again

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

There are many things to like about Romelu Lukaku.  He's young, he's strong, he's fast, he's brash, he's ambitious, he's improving.  His combination of size and speed alone are a fantastic foundation upon which he could develop into one of the best strikers in the world.  His decision-making and technique are still often lacking, but surely those are things that can be worked on and developed.  He's a Chelsea fan and that makes him one of us, in a sense.

He also likes to talk, which isn't necessarily an issue, but becomes a bit of a problem when he (seemingly) changes his mind constantly.  Of course we're not privy to everything that happens behind the scenes, and circumstances can and do often change (Whoa, what's happening here?!), but somehow Lukaku has yet to master how to talk about them "properly" and without constantly skirting the edges of controversy.  You might say that's refreshing — #nofilter — but it's mostly just tiring.

And so, after riling up the locals in the blue half of Liverpool last month, here he goes again with sharp change of direction.

"Everton don't need money anymore. Romelu wants to play for a club that can win trophies.  Something's changed at Everton: there's a new project. If he leaves, it has to be a good deal for all parties involved."

"Romelu certainly has the qualities to play in Italy. But as the Italian landscape currently looks, there's no team that can afford him. He is too expensive for Serie A. Only a global power can pay for him. The top clubs in England, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain."

-Mino Raiola, agent; source: Sportwereld via Independent

It's unclear what's different now at Everton as opposed to the end of the season, when the new ownership and their new project (i.e. money for transfers) were already in place (and Martinez was already gone) and Lukaku was trying to wink at Chelsea and others to pay the £60-65m to get him back closer to Trophylandia.  But that's Lukaku for ya.  Never a boring day, thanks to a unique combination of skills, ambition, desire, and delusions of grandeur, with a dash or two of Mino Raiola.

For Chelsea, spending that much on a second striker, be that Lukaku or Morata still doesn't make all that much sense, but with the Diego Costa exit rumors rumbling along merrily in the background, we could eventually end up having to decide between the two youngsters.  For what it's worth, I'd choose the former Chelsea man in that case.