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Three Chelsea players wanted on loan by Fenerbahçe

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Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Transfer rumors out of Turkey are notoriously unreliable — and that's saying something for transfer rumors, which are, by definition, unreliable — but this one makes at least partial sense, so let's go with it.

According to AMK, which is the sports daily published by Turkey's fourth largest newspaper, Fenerbahçe want to acquire, on loan, one or all of a Chelsea trio that includes highly promising Charly Musonda Jr, first-year disappointment Baba Rahman, and surplus to requirements Loïc Rémy.  While that makes sense in the latter's case, it doesn't seem all that realistic for the first two.  Musonda seems to have his heart set on Real Betis (and vice versa), while left wingback Baba could play an intriguing part of a typical Conte-system, should he opt to try to implement that at Chelsea.

The report goes on to claim that the two clubs have already met to discuss terms and that Musonda's representative was there as well.  Meanwhile, rumblings in Spain claim that the Real Betis deal could be done soon.  As it should.

While AMK think Fenerbahçe are looking for just players to bring in on loan, the Mirror's version of the story includes a £7m bid for Rémy.  Either way, the 29-year-old is clearly surplus to requirements at Chelsea and should be moved on posthaste.