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Antonio Conte asks Chelsea to offer €101m for Paul Pogba — report

Up front warning, I'm not sure who exactly Jamie F. Macias is, or exactly how reliable he is when it comes to transfer rumors.  Also, second up front warning, Paul Pogba is and has been for some time my dream signing for Chelsea.  (As far as actual needs are concerned.  I'd also love Chelsea to sign my homeboy Marek Hamšík but that's not happening for many reasons.)

But I digress.  And this is no time for digression.  Or caution.

"Antonio Conte asks Chelsea to offer €101m for Pogba."  DO IT, you fools!

Macias is a career journalist, from a very early age, and is currently attached to beIN Sports, among others.  Would it be reasonable for him to break such a story?  Maybe?  Mino Raiola works in mysterious ways and I'm sure it's not hard to draw a connection between him and beIN Sports, especially given his involvement with The Zlatan and others.

Assuming Macias isn't just making this up, there is then someone feeding him information.  Who might that be?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Hopefully it's someone who actually does know something or has the power to influence events (i.e. if Chelsea do bid, Pogba would actually consider it).

The money rumored is outrageous of course, but it's no more outrageous than prices rumored last summer.  This, in all likelihood, is Pogba's going rate.  If he does end moving from Juventus, he will likely set a new world record.  Of course, he did just buy a house in Barcelona (OR DID HE?), so who knows what's going on.  It's a nice enough city and maybe he just likes the weather.  A good place to vacation from the London dreariness.


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