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Chelsea international man of mystery Papy Djilobodji on Bundesliga team's transfer map — report

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Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

Papy Djilobodji, who once played the most glorious one minute of League Cup football this world has ever seen, is apparently on the radar of Werder Bremen, with whom he spent the second half of last season on loan.  And while he did get suspended and Europe-wide press for an ill-advised gesture, he also scored a most crucial goal to keep Werder out of the relegation quagmire.  Certainly not a boring season, especially when compared to his time at Cobham.

In fact, it would appear that Werder are mulling over a bid to keep him permanently.

"He's still on our map, and we are looking into it. But there is nothing concrete yet."

-Frank Baumann; Werder sporting director; source: kicker via ESPN

Chelsea bought Djilobodji for less than £3m last summer.  You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes.

Cynicism aside, Djilo had a decent time of it in the Bundesliga and if Werder wants to help us close the books on this sorry episode, please, by all means, go right ahead.