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Chelsea making Real Betis wait on Charly Musonda

This situation looked resolved last week, but now it appears that it may not quite be.  Here's Kristof Terreur from nine days ago.

No confirmation and no signs of progress since.  So what's the deal?

The trouble with hiring a manager who has other commitments in the summer prior to actually taking over is, well, that he has other commitments.  Antonio Conte is busy with Italy for most of June and won't be able to turn his full attention towards Chelsea until after Italy are eliminated (and that's assuming he doesn't take a vacation as well).

If Chelsea weren't facing such a crucial summer of squad changes, this wouldn't be that much of a problem.  But we have a new manager specifically because the squad has shown themselves to be in need of major changes.  So you see how this could be a problem.

Obviously we knew this (and Conte knew this) when the arrangements were made, so presumably we have some sort of plan in place.  Player recruitment is no doubt ongoing and plenty of contract decisions are being made, some probably even with the new manager's input (and probably the old interim one's, too).  Preseason doesn't start for another five weeks and the new season is still two months away.  Plenty of time.

But in the case Charly Musonda, this situation is keeping everybody waiting and some appear to be getting a bit frustrated.

"Chelsea have hired a coach, who is also a national team coach and that makes things go a bit slower than we would like. We all want [Musonda] to continue with us and we are waiting for Chelsea to take the decision. He is a fringe player, it's not easy."

"The Betis has put the player in the window [thanks to his great performances on loan last season] and it makes sense to have several suitors. However, we are optimistic, because the player himself has already told us that he'd like to continue with us. We are optimistic, although it is clear that everything has a limit."

-Miguel Torrecilla; Real Betis DoF; source: Diario de Sevilla via Sport Witness

Sending Musonda back to Betis for next season seems to the best option for both club and player at this point.  No need to mess with a good situation and he'll be learning plenty of things while facing La Liga's best.  So I'm still assuming this will happen, though it might take a little bit longer than Betis would like.  But all good things come to those who wait, right?

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