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Chelsea to increase bid again and meet AS Roma's asking price on Radja Nainggolan

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

At the start of this week, rumors from Italy claimed that Roma knocked back Chelsea's €32+3m bid for Radja Nainggolan, prompting the Blues to redouble (or triple, as it were) our efforts on N'Golo Kante.  But since rumors, like ironborn, may never die, Chelsea are nowhere near ready to give up on Nainggolan and are apparently ready to meet Roma's latest demands.

Now it should be noted that even in the wild wild spaghetti west of the Italian calciomercato, Mediaset Premium are fairly low on the reliability totem pole.  But, the pieces fit.  Pure intention, juxtaposed.  No schism here between rumor and what Chelsea should be doing.

That said, €40-45m is starting to approach stratospheric territory.  Still nowhere near what a theoretical purchase price could be for Paul Pogba, but it's getting high enough that we might want to pause and ask ourselves a few questions.

LOL, no.  Pay up.  Buy them all!

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