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Barcelona add Chelsea full back to list of potential Dani Alves replacements

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I first saw this story pop up on some random website and I was all ready to ignore it, but then they linked it back to the Telegraph, so I guess it's a thing.  And given that Azpilicueta's contract doesn't expire for another three years (and he stated his desire to stay with Chelsea earlier this season), it's probably not just a negotiating tactic for a new contract extension.

Chelsea face a fight to keep Cesar Azpilicueta this summer with the full-back included on a list of potential Barcelona targets.

-source: Telegraph

With Dani Alves confirmed to be leaving, Barcelona are definitely in the market for a new right back.  Their first choice seems to be former La Masia prospect Hector Bellerin, who could follow in the footsteps of other prospects like Cesc Fàbregas and Gerard Pique, who went to finishing school in the Premier League before heading back home to Catalonia.  Arsenal are hoping to make Bellerin stay by offering him lots of money, which could result in Barca looking elsewhere.

While I'm not sure Azpilicueta is capable of filling the attacking shoes of Dani Alves or even a Hector Bellerin, he could provide a solid defensive option for the Spanish champions.

Azpilicueta led Chelsea in minutes played this season and has been a constant fixture in the team, either as a left or a right back, since signing in 2012.  He will turn 27 later this summer, and presumably still has at least a couple years left at the top level of the game.  But time is slowly running out for any last blockbuster moves, so if Barcelona do come a-knocking, loyalty or no loyalty, I wouldn't be surprised if he jumped at the chance for an even bigger challenge.