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Nemanja Matić fuels Juventus transfer rumors by scoring goal against Sunderland

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Juventus and Chelsea's fates are rather intertwined this transfer season, from (former) manager to (current) loanee to perhaps even a (future) transfer or two.  It's along the latter lines that the artist formerly known as Nemanja Matić was linked with a £20m move to the Italian champions last week.

Granted, the source of the rumors was the Daily Star, who were claiming on Thursday that Chelsea and Juventus have already agreed on the aforementioned fee — which basically would match the price Chelsea paid (€25m) to bring Matić back to the club from Benfica after he was used as a make-weight in the David Luiz deal.  The Star's story was then picked up by the Express and various Italian outlets, including Gazzetta dello Sport.  The echo chamber tends to add significance to even the least unlikely stories, but in this case, the story was contained and quarantined at this point.

Until Matić scored and ... uh, celebrated? ... on Saturday.

The total lack of emotion (resignation?) in Matić's face, even when Azpilicueta comes in with the forceful hug and then Diego Costa comes in with an even more forceful choke (wtf Diego!?), is perhaps more telling than any word printed in tabloids across Europe.  That's the face of an unhappy man with one foot out the door already.

(Unless there's some perfectly reasonable explanation to this, perhaps a steely "I told you so" show of will or perhaps one even of personal loss, in which case I will probably feel bad.  As Ice Cube once said, I can say what I want to say ain't nothing to it Silly Season made me do it.)

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