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Mourinho wants revenge and Eden Hazard; Conte wants fewer Brazilians especially Oscar; Common sense wants job

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And so it begins.

The merry Mourinho dance, this time with a Manchester United slant.  This should be interesting, if for nothing else than to see how the same things will be reported differently (or, less likely, not differently) than during his time(s) at Chelsea.  But that's for later.

Plenty of time for more media campaigns and UEFA conspiracies.  Freed from the Chelsea perspective, will we see the return of batsh*t insane Mourinho from his Real Madrid days?  Firebombing Mourinho from his Inter days?  The shoe's never been on this particular foot before.  But that's for later.

For now, it's all about base instincts.  Like revenge.  He wants revenge.  He wants to tear us apart.  Limb to limb, position to position, person to person.  No, not Chelsea fans, or the club.  Just the Chelsea board.  How he would do this without also affecting the Chelsea fans and club that he'll "always love" is not exactly clear, but The Sun's story does not concern itself with such logical hurdles.  Like Alonzo with the sawed off shotgun, he's surgical.

He wants revenge.  He's got a big plan.  His mind is set.  Maybe it's right?  The Willian story was already shot down, more or less.  The Matic story was laughable; the Mata story was already boring.  No matter.  It's Eden Hazard story time!

Or maybe this is danger and we just don't know.  We pray it all away but it continues to grow.

Meanwhile, more reputable sources are running with headlines just as sensationalist, including the Telegraph who claim that Conte (as if he doesn't have his hands full with Italy's injury issues ahead of Euro 2016) is actively working to break up Chelsea's Brazilian clique.  The Samba Cabal is all party party all night long but now it's time for some structure and some gosh darn discipline.  Meal plans.  Accountability.  Clock in.  Clock out.  Worker bees may not leave.  Drones cannot fly away.  Left, right.  Left, right.  Left.  But not you, Oscar.  It's arrivederci to you and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Kernels of truth?  Possibly.  Buried under heaps of BS?  You know it!  This is going to be a loooooong summer, ain't it?

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