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Antoine Griezmann's 'currently listening' to clubs who offer 'real interest and attraction'

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann rumors have been a daily occurrence for a couple years now, with just about every big team in Europe linked with the Atletico Madrid star at one point or another.  We've learned to tune them out and let them fade into background noise.  But every once in a while, there's a blip in the transmission.

And so, less than a week after Griezmann proclaimed that he "wants to stay", here comes his "advisor" Eric Olhats to rattle some cages.  Those contract renewal negotiations may not be going as well as Atletico would have us believe...

"Contrary to certain claims announcing that Antoine at Atletico next season will be the case without fail, nothing has been decided or endorsed. We are currently listening to different clubs who also offer real interest and attraction."

-Eric Olhats; source: L'Equipe via Get French Football News

The Olhats-Griezmann relationship is not your standard agent-player relationship, and that could give Olhats' words extra meaning and significance.  Is he just putting pressure on Atletico to get this done before the Euros, as Griezmann has wanted to all along?  Probably.  But there could be a crack in the proverbial wall, and with enough pressure (or, "interest and attraction", in this case), that crack could possibly be blasted open.

Any extra sledgehammers lying around the Chelsea offices?

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