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John Terry considering just how much his undying love for Chelsea is worth

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In an article to Eurosport UK, trusted voice Dan Levene has revealed the details of the new contract offered by Chelsea to club captain, leader, legend John Terry, reporting that the "shock terms" have left Mr. Chelsea "torn on whether or not to walk out on Chelsea". The terms would not only change his role within the club, as Terry himself claimed on an Instagram post three days ago -- which amounts to basically a warning/understanding that he would get "very little playing time" -- but also reduce his current earnings, drastically so, when compared to how much he could be making in China.

While Terry wants to stay, the club's offer of £60,000-per-week for one year in a backup role pales in comparison to the expected £300,000-per-week (twice his current wages) for TWO years that one Beijing's or Shanghai's top clubs could offer. Terry would instantly become one of the biggest names on country's football scene and would likely maintain the first-choice first-team role that he so desires and clearly sees himself as capable of performing still.

Another benefit of a move to China would be the possibility to progressing towards a career in management, an ambition that he'd often talked about but something that would be harder to achieve at Chelsea. On the other hand, there's the prospect of having to have resettle his family into a new life in a new country, which, as we've seen with Petr Cech, for example, can be a huge consideration.

Levene also notes that Terry's £22,000 kick-about at Stamford Bridge with his mates that was supposed to happen today was cancelled by the player. That might be a good sign (i.e. he's not leaving, so no need for a farewell party, as Dom Fifield of the Guardian suggests), but given the terms offered by the Chinese clubs, Levene believes that it's still unlikely that Terry will accept Chelsea's current offer.

In the end, Chelsea's last-minute move to offer a contract and make that public, just as Terry had made the lack of an offer public in January -- both sides breaking standard protocol -- has turned this into an issue of loyalty vs. paychecks, with Terry rallying fans to his side with emotional appeal after emotional appeal.  For most of his career, JT has been handsomely rewarded for his efforts, but as with any job, it's all about maximizing your earnings potential.  (Ideally while doing something you love.)  Just how much money is he willing to let go to stay at beloved Chelsea, especially when that Chelsea seem quite willing to move forward with him?  Loyalty is a two-way street, after all.

While Terry might be as loyal to Chelsea as any other hardcore supporter, football is still his job at the end of the day. How much is your fandom worth?

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