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Chelsea another step closer to Radja Nainggolan - deal agreed?

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Mirror go a step further even and claim that a £28m deal has been AGREED.  But you know, it's the Mirror, who are generally well ahead of most speculation even when they're not just wrong outright.


It's unclear how much closer Chelsea can get to Radja Nainggolan before something concrete actually has to happen, but after last week's report that we were getting "closer and closer", Sky Italia report that Chelsea are... close.  Again.

How close?  Inching right along.  So close!  Closer than ever.  Too close?  Well, that depends.  How big is his personal space bubble?

AS Roma technical director Walter Sabatini revealed absolutely nothing useful when asked to comment on the situation.

"I don't know, I've never spoken to Conte. Nainggolan is a universal midfielder, so strong in every area of the game that he is wanted by many clubs. He is playing a new role under Luciano Spalletti, which could be only transitory, but he's often played in a more advanced role."

-Walter Sabatini; source: Football Italia

Universal Midfielder is of course the sequel to Universal Soldier, parts 1, 2, and 7.  If Jean-Claude Van Damme was the "Muscles from Brussels", is Nainggolan the "Twerp of Antwerp"?  Or maybe the "Wyatt Earp of Antwerp"?  The Sheriff!

Our colleagues over at Chiesa di Totti seem to think there actually might be something to these latest rumors.  The rumored price is an eye-watering €40m.  Let's close the deal then, shall we?  Before he beats us all up.

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