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Mats Hummels literally losing sleep with visions of Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barca, Bayern dancing in his head

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Mats Hummels could certainly be a dream signing this summer for Chelsea, as we are (or certainly should be) looking for help in several areas of the team.  That includes center back where John Terry's set to leave, Kurt Zouma's set to come back from major injury, and Gary Cahill's set to continue to be Gary Cahill.  While there's also Branislav Ivanovic and whole handful of youngsters who could potentially factor into the depth chart, the ideal solution might be to sign someone proven and excellent and ready-made.  Mats Hummels fits that bill, and then some.

Which of course means that if he is to leave Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea wouldn't be the only ones interested.  Manchester United had long been admirers (even before the first Chelsea rumor popped up about a year ago), as have Bayern Munich.  And there are also Arsenal and Barcelona, both of whom could use a swashbuckling Pirate David Luiz -- though the 27-year-old Hummels has toned down his pirate looks recently, he's still very much a swashbuckling (and very good) defender.

So, Hummels could be a pipe dream.  He is probably a pipe dream.  But there's a slim chance we're all dreaming about the same things.

"I've set myself a date by which I have to decide (about my future). It's a very difficult decision for me. I'm losing about half an hour's sleep every night just thinking about it."

"When I finally make my decision, people will see why it has been so difficult."

-Mats Hummels; source: Sky Sports Germany via Mail

That last line certainly would seem to give the advantage to Bayern.  Hummels spent 13 years in the Bayern youth system (some of it under the tutelage of his own father who worked there as a youth coach) before deciding to look for opportunities elsewhere.  That part of the story will certainly feel familiar to anyone following prospects in the Chelsea youth system, but in this case, Hummels could possibly be open to a return to his childhood team.

If he doesn't, we can try to tempt him with some big moneys?

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