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Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, PSG all after N'Golo Kante thanks to very low buyout clause — report

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Now, this should be first prefaced with the whole bit about how mad it would be for N'Golo Kante to leave Leicester City, especially for Chelsea, especially at this time.  With TV money and Champions League money coming in to Leicester, they should be able to easily afford to keep him (and Mahrez and Vardy and everybody else they'd want to).  So while Kante did leave the door open for a potential move this summer a couple weeks ago, it's likely that he's just trying to ensure that he does get a new contract commensurate with his abilities and the team's success.

But, if he isn't, if he's truly considering the possibility of leaving Leicester on what is likely to be their highest of high notes, then he can rest assured that there'd be no shortage of takers for him.  According to the Daily Mail's latest missive, Chelsea, among others, would be actively jostling for position at the top of the queue.  And it would be a very busy queue, make no mistake, especially if the reported £20m buyout clause in Kante's contract is indeed correct.  That's a bargain and a half in today's market.

There's far too much transfer noise around Chelsea at this early stage of Silly Season to make any solid judgment as to who might or might not be coming, but many of these stories concern midfielders, which should at least bode well for our recruitment process under (and for) new manager Antonio Conte.

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