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Italian FA become the latest governing body upset with Chelsea's behaviour

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Chelsea are in a bit of hot water with the English FA following Diego Costa's red card (and other shenanigans) this past weekend, and amazingly, that's not the only football association currently angry with the club. The Blues are rumored to have reached an agreement with Antonio Conte to take over as their manager, and Italian Football Coaches Association chairman Renzo Ulivieri isn't happy that the London side have made contact with their coach, despite knowing that he wanted to leave following Euro 2016.

'It was known that Conte would leave the national team. The thing I regret, though, is that a club contacts the coach of a national federation without any warning.'

'It shows we are in a world which is failing to demonstrate even a minimum amount of education and manners.'

Angry old men complaining about nothing is nothing new, as American fans who got to read Goose Gossage's expletive-lade tirade last week can certainly attest. If it was 'known' that Conte was leaving the Italian national team at the end of the European championships anyway, there's absolutely no reason for the FA to believe that Conte wouldn't be looking for a new job, especially as Carlo Tavecchio had already spoken to the manager, and knew he was itching to return to the club game:

'Antonio Conte has told me that at the end of the European Championship his experience with us will come to an end. He can hear the call of the training ground, the daily work of training, and that is understandable.'

Frankly, this is all pretty ridiculous, but should serve as yet more confirmation that Chelsea's next manager will be Conte. That day can't come soon enough.

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