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Conte and Chelsea to rip off the Juventus shirt 'sewn to' Leonardo Bonucci's back -- report

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Good times at Chelsea Football Club these days, despite the sad loss to West Ham in the League Cup.  Winning five in a row in the league -- and five in a row in quite some style -- will do that.  But despite the great results, the work to improve never stops on the training ground, and if we learned any lessons from the 2015 off-season, it should never stop in the transfer market either.

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano claimed this weekend that Chelsea were working on an "important target" for January, a rather vague, yet enticing rumor that, like good fortune tellers, can be made to fit just about any outcome.  But here comes the Telegraph's Matt Law to maybe add a bit of further spice to the proceedings.

The biggest part of the plan is a certain Leonardo Bonucci.  Hardly a surprise after a summer full of rumors about him, not to mention last month's reports (also from the Telegraph) of Abramovich greenlighting a massive bid for the Juve man. Of course, considering how loyal and set Bonucci seems on staying at Juventus, this could be a bit of a tough get.

"I feel I have the Juve shirt sewn to my body because I breathe it every day, but wearing the national team shirt is also an honour."

-Leonardo Bonucci; source: M.E.N.

This was in response to Manchester City CEO Ferran Soriano claiming that Bonucci called them to inquire about a potential move (LOL) but that Juve nipped that in the bud straight away (duh).

In any case, one still gets the feeling that if Bonucci were to leave, he'd leave to reunite with Antonio Conte, so we might yet have a slight chance.  But I really don't see that happening, unless things go severely south at the Old Lady and given their dominance of Serie A, I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

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