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Juventus open to player-exchange deal involving Leonardo Bonucci and Cesc Fabregas and lots of cash -- report

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This one comes from The Sun so take it with as many grains of salt as you can find in your immediate surroundings, but it's so outrageous that it's probably worth a few minutes of our time.

The rumor from the Telegraph the other day was that Roman Abramovich had authorised over £60m to be spent on Bonucci this January.  The Sun speculate that no longer first choice midfielder and pizza connoisseur Cesc Fabregas could be used as makeweight in a potential £50m part-exchange deal involving the two teams.

Essentially, that would value the pizza-man at around £10m, which may not seem like much in the current transfer climate, but Fabregas (highly paid Fabregas) ain't no spring chicken anymore.  In fact, he will be turning 30 later this season.  In fairness, Bonucci is actually three days older, but unlike Cesc, he is still regarded as the best at his position at the moment.

This is all very ridiculous and outrageous of course, but could it possibly be so ridiculously outrageous that it might just work?