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Rumor round-up: Fàbregas to Manchester City; Romagnoli to stay at AC Milan

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The weekend's been filled with Chelsea vs. Jose Mourinho, both before and after the euphoria of the magnificent 4-0 win on Sunday, but it's nice to know that the rumor mill shall persevere even the rest of the world is talking exclusively about something entirely different.  At the heat death of the universe, the rumor mill will still be shouting into the void.


The more Cesc does not play — whether through manager's choice or the mysterious muscular injury he's been carrying for a couple weeks now — the more often he will continue to pop up in the rumor mill.  The previous round of rumors linking him to some Italian destination were summarily dismissed by none other than his wife.  We'll see who denies the latest ones.

According to the Mirror, Manchester City of all places are keeping tabs on Fàbregas and could be ready to swoop with a £20m bid in January.  Given Pep and Cesc's previous working relationship at Barcelona, this actually wouldn't be the most outrageous outcome.


In more tangible news, here's young Romagnoli talking about his happiness at his current club.

"I am happy at Milan and in Italy, so I hope to remain here."

-Alessio Romagnoli; source: FourFourTwo

There's a bit of a youth revolution happening under Vincenzo Montella and the red half of Milano and Romagnoli is central to their designs in rebuilding the once proud club.  I doubt the Romagnoli rumors will die down anytime soon, but there's a good chance he's not going anywhere, regardless of moneys offered.

And now back to your regularly scheduled celebrations of Sunday's 4-0 win over Manchester United.