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Walter Sabatini to replace Michael Emenalo as Director of Football at Chelsea — reports

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Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Reports earlier this weekend in Italy would have us believe that former Roma director Walter Sabatini is being called to Chelsea, presumably to take over Michael Emenalo's job as Director of Football.  As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via Football Italia), Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte is "pushing hard" for this move.

We can only speculate what would happen to Emenalo should this rumor become true, but given all that we've invested in the loan system it's highly doubtful that he would leave the club (he would possibly transition to a different role).  Emenalo, who has been Chelsea's Director of Football since 2011, had even offered to resign (supposedly) a few years ago, when Mourinho came back, but was told to stop being silly and get back to work.  It's clear he's highly valued within the organization.

Sabatini had built himself a great reputation at his previous job with AS Roma, where he was credited with revitalizing an aging, overpaid side with smart signings — many of whom he then had to sell, which supposedly frustrated him and lead to his resignation earlier this season.  The 51-year-old has also served as Director of Football at Palermo and Lazio previously, and was linked with Chelsea throughout the summer already.