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AC Milan head coach Vincenzo Montella would have no use for Cesc Fabregas

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Just in case anyone thought the Cesc Fabregas-to-AC Milan rumors had any legs to stand on, here's Milan head coach Vincenzo Montella to chop them off right at the hip.  That may be a bit graphic, but Montella's words do cut deep.

Even though Milan just lost Riccardo Montolivo to a torn ACL, the head coach would not consider moving for Fabregas since the Chelsea man couldn't play in the same role.  In this interview with Corriere della Sera, Montella is basically saying what Conte's been saying all along, so even if this move were a possibility, Cesc would be unlikely to find more playing time in Milan.

But of course, as he has said many times already, Fabregas remains committed to Chelsea and wants to prove himself to the coach.  Conte has also spoken repeatedly of the veteran midfielder's attitude in training and even rewarded him with a start against Arsenal.  While that performance is best left forgotten and as quickly as possible, Cesc should still have a big role to play this season and beyond, at the very least as an impact sub if nothing more.  Whether that's enough for him personally, we'll see, but for now, I think we can safely continue assuming that he's going nowhere.