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Chelsea exit rumors: Michy Batshuayi to AC Milan; Andreas Christensen to Barcelona?

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Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Idle hands and idle minds give us idle rumors.  Can we be done with this international break business yet?

Both of these stories have been bubbling under the surface for a few days now, if not longer, and while we've already mentioned the supposed Christensen interest that should be a non-starter no matter how many times it comes up (and whether it involves Gladbach or Barcelona), let's talk about the Batshuayi thing first.

Michy Batshuayi arrived in the summer for a fairly sizable sum but has been nothing more than a backup so far to Diego Costa.  Which is understandable, given Costa's excellent form, Chelsea's tactics (once the pre-season 4-2-4 experiment was over), and the fact that we had earmarked him just for that role pretty much from the start.  Batshuayi is young, talented, enthusiastic, and thus should be an important part of the Chelsea squad for years to come.  For now, that part entails a reliable backup role, one who can impact the game as a late substitute and score goals as a starter in the cup competitions.  Such common sense has no place in the rumor mill however.

Goal cite Mediaset Premium, which puts this on just about the lowest possible level that still counts as "real" media.  This rumor has been picked up, recycled, and tossed around various European publications in the two days since, but the story has remained the same basic one.  AC Milan have been in the process of being acquired by some rich people from China, so they might be flush with cash pretty soon.  But if there is to be anything to these rumors, it would be to try to maybe unsettle the young Chelsea striker.  Hopefully he keeps his wits about him and continues to excel whenever called upon by Antonio Conte.

Another Chelsea player making the rounds in the rumor mill has been young Andreas Christensen, with Barcelona supposedly throwing their name in the hat alongside current loan club Borussia Monchengladbach.  But as has been repeatedly maintained since the summer from various sources, Chelsea have a plan for your Christensen and that involves not selling him now or in the summer, and certainly not for the recently rumored (and laughable) £20m.  Here's the latest such story, from the Mail.

Carry on.