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Victor Moses lined up for contract extension despite pending loan

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Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Victor Moses impressed during Chelsea's pre-season tour, but not enough to stop the Blues from picking up Pedro from Barcelona, pushing him further away from first-team action at Stamford Bridge. Now it seems as though the Nigeria international will spend yet another year away on loan (West Ham are reported as the likely destination), but he's not going to be entirely without reward -- the Guardian have him as ready to sign a contract extension before he departs.

Moses was signed in summer 2012 on a five-year contract with a relatively cheap transfer fee, which means that there's not much playing around with FFP going on here. Instead, this is probably a move that gives him a small raise now in exchange for Chelsea having a stronger negotiating position when it does come time to sell him, which is probably at the end of the season. I like Moses well enough, but it's beyond clear that he's not going to be able to establish himself in the first team at this point. Now it's just a matter of hoping he does well on loan so we can get as much for him as possible.