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Boro boss expects Bamford in the top flight next season

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Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Middlesbrough will almost certainly be getting their fair share of Chelsea loanees for next year, but one Blue they're not expecting to return is Patrick Bamford. The 2014/15 Championship Player of the Year has quite clearly outgrown the league, and even manager Aitor Karanka has admitted that he's unlikely to return to the fold after an extraordinary season:

I don’t think Patrick’s coming because he showed everybody last season that he can play in the Premier League and I am sure he has offers to play in the Premier League, he has offers to play in other countries because he is a very good player.

-Source: Gazette.

Note that Karanka doesn't say that Bamford actually has those offers. He's guessing, but his is a more educated guess than pretty much anyone else's, and there's no reason not to take it seriously. We should expect Bamford to be playing at the top level next season, and if he stays in the country I'm really going to enjoy watching him score against our rivals.