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Fiorentina continue making ridiculous demands, now want a new player on loan instead of Salah

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Did you think this whole Salah-Fiorentina situation wasn't silly enough already?  You probably didn't, but just in case, La Viola have decided to ratchet up the crazy even more.  Not only do they want compensation from Chelsea for increasing Mohamed Salah's market value, now they want a replacement player on loan as well.  And not just any player.

Fiorentina won't sue Chelsea, but in return want Ruben Loftus-Cheek on loan and veto Mohamed Salah to Inter [Milan].

-source: La Gazzetta dello Sport via Football Italia

Other sources are claiming this player might be Oriol Romeu instead, which makes a bit more sense.  Though the standard for things making sense in this whole saga is rather low.

...Chelsea has offered to some prospects as compensation for Fiorentina relaunching Salah's career.  One of the prospects could be Oriol Romeu, who played last season at Stuttgart. Fiorentina and their new coach would however prefer financial considerations rather than a player.

-source: Gianluca Di Marzio

But wait, there's more!

Both sources agree that another new petty demand that Fiorentina want to push on Chelsea is vetoing Salah's transfer to Inter Milan due to what they deem as "erratic behaviour" from the Nerazzurri.  La Viola would be ok with Salah going to other Serie A teams, just not Inter.  Roma, according to Gazzetta, would benefit from this as they are the next in line to get Mohamed Salah's services and, according to Fiorentina, have "behaved better."

All this nonsense just to avoid Fiorentina from going to court against Chelsea and Salah?  Some are claiming that Salah could even end up banned for six months?

We probably should put Fiorentina on the "don't call" list once this is all said and done.

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