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Barcelona's Pedro denies meeting Mourinho, but says offers are 'on the table'

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The Pedro Rodríguez transfer rumours have been picking up steam. Spanish newspaper SPORT claimed yesterday that the player even had talks with Mourinho and Fabregas, with the duo trying to lure the attacking midfielder to Chelsea. But Pedro himself has now denied that meeting ever took place.

I did not speak to [José] Mourinho. I do not want to say anything because it would disrespectful to my club.

Although Pedro denied having talked with Mourinho, he did admit that one important aspect of the rumours is true -- his new contract features a dramatically-lowered transfer fee:

It is true. Both parties decided to diminish the [release] clause and it is true that there are offers on the table. I am in a difficult situation with Barcelona. [...] You want more minutes, more options, to be in the starting line-up [...] and it is complicated.

Source: Diario SPORT

Pedro has a strong link with Barcelona, having been with the club since 2004. It would be quite difficult to move on from the club after being with them for so long but, given his tone, it seems that he has accepted his fate and that he will have to move on if he wants to keep playing. Whether or not Chelsea are genuinely interested remains an open question.

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