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Hughes confirms Begovic “will travel to Chelsea”

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Tom Dulat/Getty Images

We all know Asmir Begovic is coming to Chelsea this summer, but if you needed further confirmation, here it is: Mark Hughes is now actively talking about sending his number one goalkeeper to Stamford Bridge:

As far as I'm aware Asmir will travel to Chelsea and that will be concluded. People are assuming that he is going as a back-up but I know having worked with Asmir that he will back his own ability. He will think he can challenge Courtois and get game time else he wouldn't have gone there.

Source: Stoke Sentinel.

Football players tend to believe in themselves, and it'd be surprising if Begovic didn't think he could push Thibaut Courtois all the way. He's an established Premier League starter, after all, and you don't get there without a lot of faith in your own abilities. But while Begovic might believe he's not coming to Chelsea as a backup, you'd be hard-pressed to find a neutral observer who thinks otherwise. Courtois has managed to see Petr Cech off to Arsenal, and it's unlikely that he'll be knocked off his perch now.

Regardless, welcome Asmir!