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Chelsea to send another pair out on loan

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Christopher Lee/Getty Images

It's been a slow transfer window for Chelsea, but that's not stopping the club from finding loan destinations for the youngsters. Now, it's time for Joao Rodríguez and Cristián Cuevas to find out where they'll be spending next season.

Royal Mouscron-Péruwelz is a relatively young club which has been a part of Belgian Pro League, the top Belgian division, since the 2013-14 season. Having barely missed relegation last season after finishing 13th in the league, the club is probably hoping that our youngsters can make a difference for the club.

Meanwhile, both Joao Rodríguez and Cristián Cuevas will be going through their fourth loan spell since arriving at Stamford Bridge in July 2013. None of their previous ones have been particularly successful, and they haven't had a great deal of playing time just yet. We'll see whether moving to a Belgian club is the right move to get them on the pitch.