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Pogba's agent hoping to spark bidding war between Manchester United and Chelsea

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Have you been keeping your eyes on the prize?  Or did you get distracted by all this Falcao talk?  And those whispers of Antoine Griezmann, as unlikely as that may be?  Perhaps a bit of Toby Alderweireld?  What is it with all these Atletico boys anyway?  We must not get distracted!  Oh, look, a tiger!  No!  Focus!

Paul Pogba's agent Mino Raiola appears to share these concerns.  And for an agent, especially a great one like Raiola, there's nothing worse than the rumor mill spotlight focusing on somebody else.  So with the Champions League final coming up tomorrow, the time is right for him to (re-)light the fuse, step back, and admire the fireworks.

"Could it be his last game with Juve? Theoretically, yes. The transfer window is open until September 2. We'll see."

Could he fly to the moon and back?  Theoretically, yes.

"Offers are already coming in, but they've all been sidelined. Juventus don't want to sell him, so anyone who wants him will have to go out and buy him."

Wow, this harsh treatment of offers must stop.  You can't just simply sideline them and then forget about them.  Heaps of discarded offers crying softly, homelessly in the pouring, never-ending rain.  Oh, the humanity!  Offers have feelings, too!  Can we get some Hollywood star to speak on behalf of them?

"The price depends on who buys him, but Juve must make it an auction. His transfer would be one of the most expensive in history."

"He's certainly one of the most expensive players in the world, he's a special young player and has something more than the others. I'm convinced that we've not even seen the best of what he can do yet."

Have we checked Juve's eBay feedback ratings and reviews?  Will they ship promptly once they receive payment?  Yes?  Great!  To the bidding machine!  Hope Roman didn't forget his password...

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