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Arsenal make room for Petr Cech's goalkeeper coach as well

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Wheels within wheels within wheels.  Petr Cech to Arsenal sure seems like it's only a matter of hours away.  Venti sadness, with a extra shot of sadness.

Everything's starting to come together.  Arsenal have agreed to sell David Ospina (according to rumors, that is) to make room for their new no.1 goalkeeper.  And now, they've let goalkeeper coach Tony Roberts leave as well.

Roberts had been with Arsenal since 2010, and his departure makes it all the more likely that Christophe Lollichon will follow Cech across London.  This of course all fits with Courtois recent recommendation to Chelsea to sign his old goalkeeper coach from Genk, who is currently unattached to a club.

Normally, we wouldn't care so much about such moves, but goalkeepers often do prefer one specific coach.  Cech and Lollichon, save for a few years during Mourinho Mk.1, have been inseparable since 2002.  It makes sense for both of them to continue their successful partnership, albeit at a different, much sadder London postcode.

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