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Here's your grande latte of sadness for the morning.

Arsenal have apparently agreed to sell David Ospina to Fenerbahce after just one year in the capital.  Ospina was easily the best goalkeeper they had, and his departure would indicate that Wenger has an even better replacement already on his way.  Granted, the original rumor is sourced from Turkey, who tend to make up things with greater regularity than most, but it's getting picked up by most other outlets, so there's probably some fire behind all the smoke.

"Arsenal have agreed to sell David Ospina to Fenerbahce for €5.5m (£3.9m), according to reports in Turkey."


"It has been reported Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger sees Wojciech Szczesny as his No 2 behind the incoming Cech."

-source: Independent

Arsene Wenger may be a silly old man sometimes, but even he can see the obvious in this case.  Čech's arrival would certainly improve one of the weakest parts of our cross-town rivals, which is rather unfortunate.  The bitter pills that were Frank Lampard's clutch goals for Manchester City last season will be nothing compared to what a great goalkeeper might do to Arsenal's title aspirations.

It would appear that despite our best efforts to annoy them, the Gunners should be able to seal the deal as a straight-up buy without any players coming the other way in exchange.  I've seen transfer fees as low as £7m and as high as £14m.  Not sure there's any (realistic) amount of money that will soften this blow, however.

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