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Odds slashed as Chelsea close in on La Liga star

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The odds of Antoine Griezmann making a summer move to Chelsea are a lot shorter than they were yesterday. I mean that literally -- there've been some pretty strange movement in the betting markets and the Atlético Madrid star is now listed as 4/5(!) to move to Stamford Bridge this summer, huge buyout clause* or no.

*The talk about the release clause being 'met' is nonsense, in my opinion, since paying the full clause without negotiating with Atléti would put a silly tax burden on the club.

It's worth pointing out that this isn't your standard in-the-know nonsense: people are talking with their money here. But at the same time it's no guarantee either. Someone might know something, but there's a certain herd mentality in the market, and that doesn't always pan out.

Still, Chelsea being odds-on-favourites to sign the winger is interesting. At 24 and having clearly stepped up a level last year, he's the sort of player that would help the club. But for the supposed price ... well, we'll have to see.