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Report: Rob Green rejects Chelsea, opts to stay with QPR

Maybe he'll catch it this time...
Maybe he'll catch it this time...
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

This one comes from Paul Lagan, also known as @CFCJourno, also known as the dude on whose notepad Jose Mourinho wrote "BIG BALLS" when asked why Chelsea were able to come back and win 2-1 against Crystal Palace in October.  That was a follow-up to last season's notepad scribble of just "BALLS" when Mourinho was asked what Chelsea lacked in their failed Premier League title challenge.

While Lagan's notepad game is unparalleled to say the least, I'm not sure how good his inside sources may be.  So take this with however many grains of salt you think they may be worth.

"Robert Green is believed to have turned down the chance to join the Premier League winners...

...Green, 37, has opted to stay at the relegated west Londoners or if he is sold, plans to go to a club where he will be the number one choice."

-source: Chelsea-Mad

Previously, the story with Green was that his number one priority was to stay in the Premier League, which then put him on Chelsea's supposed shortlist to replace Petr Cech, should he decide to give up the backup life.  But apparently Green does not want to be a backup either, so I guess we might as well cross him off the list.  And now, we can freely go back to making fun of him for letting in that Clint Dempsey shot.  Butterfingers!

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