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Mourinho: Chelsea don't want to sell this summer

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Martin Stoever/Getty Images

With the Premier League title race, such as it was, reaching a successful conclusion, the big questions around Chelsea now focus on next season. Which means that the really interesting questions that get asked in the press conferences will be about the summer transfer window.

Take it away, Jose:

Which is interesting. There's been some thought that Chelsea might do some selling this summer -- Oscar's name has popped up a surprising amount -- but there's no reason for Mourinho to be very unhappy with a squad that's had a magnificent season. As for the new players who might improve the squad, that's such a vague statement so as to be rather unhelpful.

So, the big question is where we need to focus to make a sustained push in both Europe and England. This summer sounds like it'll be the icing on the cake, so we'd better make sure we use some pretty good icing.