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Paulo Dybala decision expected within two weeks

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Chelsea have been linked to striker Paulo Dybala quite a bit recently, and on Thursday, notoriously soft-spoken Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini had some fresh quotes for us. Here's what he had to say about the situation:

"At least three teams are really interested in him. The apple is ripe and we are ready to pick it."

"I think in 10, or a maximum of 15 days we will know his future. We will meet with the player and his agent to complete the deal."

"Those who understand football realise his potential."

As a target, Dybala makes enough sense for Chelsea to be interested if the price is right, but I'm not sure he's done enough at this point in his career that I'd be overly upset if the Blues decided to pass instead of spending a huge sum for a bit of a wild card*. Regardless, I'm hopeful that the situation does get resolved quickly, as Palermo's president is suggesting.

*I suppose that makes me one of those people Zamparini mentions who just doesn't understand football

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