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Where might Petr Cech end up, and who could replace him?

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

With the 2014/15 campaign essentially over, it's time to talk about the goalkeeper situation for next year. Right now the assumption is that Thibaut Courtois will go into the season as the undisputed #1, and that Petr Cech will decide to move on after more than ten years of brilliant service. And that means Chelsea will be in the market for a backup.

Who will it be? The Telegraph have some names for us, throwing out Asmir Begovic, Robert Green, Marcus Bettinelli* from Fulham and Vicente Guaita of Getafe. Of those four, the first three make the most sense, since they would count as home-grown players under the FA's rules, and between Begovic and Green I suspect Chelsea would take the Bosnian every time. We've been linked to him for approximately forever, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the rumours around him getting a little more solid as we move through the summer.

*Whom I've heard very little about and am therefore ignoring. Anyone in the know?

As for where Cech will end up ... well, we're still in the dark. I have a difficult time imagining he'll go to Arsenal, especially if they finish in second place this season, and the Mail have named Inter Milan as a possible destination. That makes sense, since the Nerazzurri appear to be acquiring unwanted Premier League stars at a ferocious pace, and might need a new goalkeeper if Samir Handanovic heads out. Personally I'm hoping that if Cech goes, he moves somewhere outside the Premier League.