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If Chelsea want Benteke, it'll cost a cool £32.5 million

Stu Forster/Getty Images

I'm not entirely sure why bits of the media have settled on 'Christian Benteke' as the answer to 'who should replace Didier Drogba as Chelsea's number three striker', but the rumours are out there whether they make much sense or not, so we might as well throw in an update. Tim Sherwood and Aston Villa have claimed that they will not be selling for below Benteke's buyout clause, confirming the existence of said buyout clause in the process.

That means that Villa aren't selling unless someone pays them £32.5 million, which is ... well, that's superstar money. And while there's no doubt that Benteke is one of the better strikers in the Premier League, splashing that kind of cash on improving the depth behind Diego Costa and Loïc Rémy is hardly a very efficient thing to do, especially when we have other problems to fix first.

If we had unlimited money? Sure, then Benteke would be of interest. He'd certainly offer a change of approach from the more incisive, quick play of Rémy and Costa, the lumbering sledgehammer to their snarky scalpels. But since I'm fairly sure that Chelsea do not have unlimited money, it's difficult for me to envision our supposed pursuit as particularly serious.

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