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Latest Petr Cech-to-Arsenal twist: Mourinho 'demands' Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain in return

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This one's an EXCLUSIVE, it's from The Sun, and it carries Rob Beasley's byline.  That's a trifecta of something.  Possibly extreme craptitude.  Possibly gentle trolling.  Possibly a hint or two of truth.  One may never know for sure when it comes to Mr. Beasley.

But here it is anyway.

A Stamford Bridge source said: "Arsene Wenger wants a top keeper from us, Petr Cech. Well in exchange we want Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain. They may not be in the Arsenal team but we are convinced Jose Mourinho could make them into top players again."

-source: The Sun

Dr. Ján Îtor, inside source, would not reveal any further details of that specific demand — is it a straight-up exchange?  is there cash involved?  on a scale of uncooperating zippers-to-tie flips, just how upset is Wenger about all this? — but The Sun do claim that, if nothing else, this is a sign that we're cooling a bit on Raheem Sterling.

Neither Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain nor Theo Walcott should carry Sterling's price tag of course, though they also appear to be lacking in the "maintaining fitness" and "providing consistent excellence" departments.  Not saying that Sterling is the best at either of those two either, but he's certainly better than the two Arsenal men, especially over the last season or so.

In any case, it's further fuel for the Cech-to-Arsenal fire.  Which is a bit annoying.

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