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Chelsea in dubious links with two Barcelona wantaways

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Busy day at the Telegraph on Wednesday.

Chelsea and Manchester City consider making moves for Alex Song

And then three hours later.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham alerted to news Barcelona's Pedro is available for £7m

Rumor mill already in midseason form.

I'm imaging there's a big bright red emergency klaxon at Chelsea headquarters and that thing just keeps going off every few hours as Emenalo & Co are receiving all these alerts and thinking about making all these considerations.  Busy busy busy.

Or it's all just nonsense of course.  Which it probably is.

The Song story goes something like this.  He's been on loan at West Ham from Barcelona, but he's not staying permanently at the former and apparently not going back to the latter.  Italian clubs like Inter, Roma, and AC Milan are all interested.  But Song counts as homegrown, which automatically makes Chelsea and City interested, too.  So basically, Chelsea aren't really interested, but they're possibly a tiny bit interested, if others turn out to be less interested.  Or something.

Pedro's name has been brought up before, and his price certainly looks attractive enough.  For me, it would still be a waste of resources for a soon-to-be 28-year-old who's never seen the light of day outside of the Barcelona system.  Your milage may vary of course, and you may look at that as as strength rather than a drawback, but I really don't see him being as effective elsewhere as he can sometimes be for Barca.  And that potential drop-off would make him a fairly useless option on the right wing, where we need a real alternative to Willian, not just another hopeful solution.

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